The past few months I haven’t been working in my journals a lot. I was focussing on learning to illustrate better. I felt limited by my rather rudimentary drawing and illustration skills. As my development in journaling progressed, I ran into my limitations more and more often which left me feeling frustrated every now and then. So I needed some time “off” to explore my possibilities and the options of further education.

I have been trying to find a part time illustration curriculum at a Dutch or Belgian art academy, but alas. Nearly all other art disciplies can be studied part time, but not illustration. Then I bugged a befriended professional illustrator if she wouldn’t coach me, help me explore and push my limits a bit. We met up a couple of times already and it’s been immensely helpful to receive her advice. I can not yet process all of her advice because I need to learn to loosen up and work on my skills, but it’s so welcome.

And yet, I longed to study again. So eventually I turned where I would not look before: distance courses where you study and exercise on your own and then send in your homework. Definitely not my first choice, but under the given options it was either this or nothing at all. So, I’m biting the dust. I’ve enrolled myself for a 10 month illustration course. I’m as much fazed by the prospect as excited. I know the technical skill level is a bit above my own skill level, so I’m going to have to work very hard to keep up! Maybe, if I’m pleased with what I do, I’ll post some results every now and then.

I’m not counting on gaining an immense drawing talent, but I hope that I will loosen up a bit in the drawing area. Because I really long to be able to express myself better in images than I have been able to do so far.

I’ve picked up my Art Journal again this week and I’m beginning to get back into the swing of things. But it’s like baking the first pancake…that one never turns out right. We always give that to the dogs. Well, my first week of journaling hasn’t turned into anything presentable, so I won’t bother you with these pages. But once I’m back in the swing of things, I know my pages will soon be back up to par and then they will smoothly land on your screen again! Promise!