As the wind whispered wishes in my ears, it also blew life into my memories of my years in Zeeland. A wonderful province by the sea where I spent the greater part of my childhood and youth and where we still have our families and some dear friends. But most of all, it is THE place where the sea is and where quiet places by the water can still be found…where the sea breeze used to blow worries out of my head…where the sea rocked me gently while enjoying her summer warmth…where the sea carried me while sailing or surfing…where the sea brought people together in summer festivities…and where the sea lured pretty tourist boys every summer…ahhhhhh…such warm memories….

So…that gave me an idea for an Art Journal Spread. And now I’m giving this idea to you…to treasure for when you’re uninspired or looking for memories of the past…this assignment will definitely help!

Geographic Map
Here’s the deal. Look up a geographic map of where you lived when you were a child/teenager. Make the area you’ll pick as big as you like, just as long as you include most important geographic places of that time. Look at it well and then draw it in your Journal. I sketched it first in pencil and then traced the lines with a drawing pen. (NB: you can also do this after your Summer Holiday and draw the area you were on a holiday!!! This will so help you remember more if not all the lovely details!!!)

Fill it in
Then take a red marker for highways, main roads, bridges and tunnels. This will help locate the spots for cities, villages, etc. Colour water areas blue. Then take an orange marker and draw dots for cities, towns and villages. Take a green marker for places in nature you often went to and enjoyed.

Give information
Now take a drawing pen and start writing names of the important places for you and a few words why. Also add names of beloved people that live(d) there.

Note: it can be helpful to have a Google Map of the area on your computer screen to help you locate places and also to help you remember places, people and events. Especially since you can switch between map and satellite and since you can zoom in to street level here and there. Now, that’s a memory-catcher!

Make the map as detailed and stuffed as you like! And don’t worry too much about how cool it looks! Just let yourself get carried away into that place in time and space!

This exercise made my fond memories more vivid and as I drew on, I felt more and more memories of the area coming up and I saw so many pictures popping up in my mind. This visual exercise works extremely well for bringing forgotten memories back to the surface; and to make the picture more complete. Also, it provides a bird’s eye view on yourself in that time in that place. So, even though it brings back memories, it doesn’t drown you in the sentiment of them. It rather keeps you hanging over them, which keeps you away from melancholy. Or at least, that’s what it did for me!

Wanna see my spread? Okay, here comes. If you want to see it bigger to read it better, click here.

After I’d made this scan, I remembered even more details, so I added those (of course the secretest ones!!! hehe…just kidding!)

Well, I’m off into my current life again and I wish you happy cartography!!!