Wow! Once I got going in my journal today, I couldn’t stop! I’ve produced 4 spreads so far.

These faces form the basis of another journal page. I LOVE watercolor…I know some people hate it because it’s a medium that allows for little control. But personally, I love how the water and the colors mix and coil on the paper…then my hands manipulating them with my brushes…and then something comes to be…something’s born right under the hairs of my brush. But when you look again 15 minutes later, you see that what came to be a quarter of an hour ago, has changed and matured. Then, if desired, you can work on it again. I love having no control over my paint. And I like pressing my own need for control and proving to myself that I need no control in order to express what I want to say. If I let go of control, the paint expresses very accurately what I want to say.