…today I could drag some of the boxes into my studio and give my stuff a new place…MY new place…isn’t it wonderful?

Lots of stuff…but with plenty of storage space, it was a piece of cake! Oh, and yes, that wall in the back is NOT purple, nor blue! It’s white…we’ve just set up a lighting plan that colours the wall into any desired shade of any desired colour! Yay! This table is where I can teach…that is, if my kids are willing to set it free for a bit, ’cause they’ve already set up shop there!

And here’s my work station. A little kitchen with sink on the right…a staircase with lights on the left…my awesome cabinet on the right…and in the back the place where it’s all going to happen! I’m sitting right by the window to the garden, which is lovely.

The floor is real elm wood. And I’ve searched high and low for a good varnish, one that wouldn’t shine AT ALL. It was mighty expensive, but it has barely changed the colour and it has no sheen AT ALL. The floor looks as if we haven’t varnished it at all. But with falling ink pots, of course we did! The worktops are wood too; eucalyptus. It matches the elm really well, since they are both very pale, but with a pinkish undertone, not yellow. The worktops got a thick layer of water resistant varnish so that I can clean off the paint.

We will make some shelves on the wall somewhere. I just haven’t decided yet where they have to go. We’ll see. I’m taking it really easy.

So, I’m gonna go on unpacking and making myself at home here…once I’m completely finished, I’ll make a little video…of a tidy studio!

Oh, and by the way. There was a first today! I managed to install two studio monitors (speakers) to my computer…and that did NOT involve plugs, I can tell you! I cut wire, wrapped it and screwed it tight. Never done it before, but boy do I have great sound here now! The monitors weren’t even expensive at all since they came at a serious bargain, but I can so recommend this kind of serious speakers in comparison to average computer speakers!!! It’s a world of difference!