This is yesterday’s journal page…or at least, the image part of it. Snowfall was predicted and we were all waiting for it. Some reluctantly and others already had their scarfs and gloves on, ready to dash out into the playfullability (hey, why should I not invent new words?) of the white playground that falls from the clouds in the most beautiful crystals.

I’m half-hearted this year. Normally I LOVE snow because it changes our reality. Now, let me begin by saying that in our little country, we don’t have that much snow. Lots of sleet and rain, but to have the world gone white is not very common here. So, when it has finally lost its dull autumn colours to the precious white, all reality seems changed. Sounds are muffled and the world goes a little bit quieter (unless you stand by a road where you hear the constant wooshing of the wheels in the dirty slush that happens when they throw that salt onto the snow) and that silence is so beautiful! And snow makes you aware of every step you take when you hear that cracking sound under your shoes and when you see the virgin spots before you where you want to leave your trail. Don’t you always search for virgin spots to step on too?

And the dogs and the children! Oh boy, do they go nuts when they see the snow!? The dogs…to them snow is so similar to sand…so snow means beach! And beach means: go wild and out of your mind! They’re bonkers in the snow! And the girls? Oh well, it doesn’t matter how much you tell them to be careful making snowballs because their hands will get wet and very, very cold. They will make snowballs till  their hands freeze off…and then they come back inside the warm house crying with sore hands and feet…then I have to unwrap them from their wet and frozen clothes, rub the towel a bit firmly over their bodies to make their blood warm them up again and then when it does, I hold them and cuddle them till the prickle stops and they’re nice and warm. Play, hurt and love…it’s a soothing cycle.

But I didn’t even mention why I personally love snow so much. The LIGHT!!! I love the light that streams into the house by the reflection of snow! I love a white environment and if I didn’t have children or a petting-zo-in-the-home, I’d have everything in shades of white…from floor to ceiling! Although my clothes would be black, though! I’m such a stain-making talent, you know! White clothes have never been a good choice for me. But anyway…snow and light! It’s just wonderful to see such a bright world in winter when all the trees and shrubs have gone sad and weary and when the world seems asleep. I went skiing a few times in Austria and although I wasn’t a big talent (I get rather scared when I don’t touch the ground with my own two feet and when something under my feet takes over control!), I seriously enjoyed the light! Not only the view of the mountains and the valleys far beneath me…but the light! I love how my husband’s and daughters’ eyes turn a sparkling and almost light giving blue. And the face gets this rosy complexion…

I probably fail to explain, but in any case, light is what I like about snow!!!

My half-heartedness this winter comes from the fact that my husband already works back home. And he drives back and forth every day. Under normal weather conditions it’s not too bad. It’s a rather huge distance to drive there and back again on a daily basis, but in his last job he was home late too because he was very often stuck in traffic on busier routes. However, snow changes our roads into chaotic traffic jams. Part of that is due to the fact that our country isn’t used to snowy winters. So people get insecure behind the steering wheel and the roads aren’t very well cleaned in some places either. Small accidents happen and then the time it takes to travel from A to B might double or worse. So, this year, the snow’s only welcome in the weekends so that we can all enjoy it without the burden of long travelling hours, I say. But looking at the sky, I don’t believe mother nature agrees!