Moving here is getting the traits of a thriller. The blows just don’t stop coming.

Today I went to the principal of our current school to inform her that we were transferring the children. I hadn’t expected a happy talk, but what I got, was below the belt. I don’t want to give all the specifics here, but in the end our children were accused of causing problems. And the bully was kind of excused because he has an official problem.

I felt sick when her words hit me. Were my kids really causing trouble? And if so, why hadn’t anyone informed me about that until now? What was going on?

Anger, doubt, sadness…they all changed roles rapidly. But I managed to keep my calm.

We had an appointment for tomorrow evening, to discuss the whole issue. And the principal now said she didn’t think the talk would be of any use anymore. I was totally amazed. Last week we had had a good conversation about the issues we ran into and she was sympathetic and empathetic. But now she’d turned all the way around. She was lashing out at us. For not giving the school a chance to put things right.

I can understand her feelings. But still, from our point of view, being on a school for only half a year and running into that many problems and into that much apathy on the teacher’s side, what would anybody else do? And besides, I told her last week we were seriously considering a transfer. Did she think I was just threatening to get things done?

She wanted to round off the talk and I insisted on tomorrow’s appointment. Hoping that her emotions will be under control then and that we can go our own ways in a civil way. But I’m telling you that after this let down it is very, very hard not to feel anger or remorse. In fact, I saw it coming. I didn’t ask you to keep your fingers crossed for no reason. Somehow, her reaction to our decision is completely in tune with the atmosphere at school. Today she even said that she thinks the school is doing quite well. Well, I’m a teacher and I’ve been in this situation with patience, calm and a professional attitude and even though the school is not all bad, she could benefit from our reasons to go. If she was open to them.

But hey. What do I even expect after this afternoon? We’re the bad guys! My kid gets bruises the size of a hamburger, but we’re the bad guys!

Oh, and about my girls. I had a very, very severe talk with them. Each separately. And they both say the same. I told Isis what she’s accused of and she’s so angry over it that she wants to come to the talk too tomorrow and tell the principal her side of the story.

Oh, from what I can gather from the principal’s story, she’s already informed the principal of the new school about “my daughter’s role” in the bullying incidents. Great way to start on a new school, huh? And then to think it isn’t even true! She should at least have given my girls a chance to tell their side of the story before breaking it to the principal of their future school! It’s so unprofessional and emotional! And I thought I was an emotional person!

I’m getting all angry now. I’d better stop writing. I just needed to vent this. I feel run over by a truck. Wrecked. What more trouble is heading our way? So hard to have faith that things will get better here in the end. What end?

Oh my, what am I doing here? I’m letting myself get knocked down here. Note to self: STOP! Get back up and fight! Sorry…consider the former two lines striked. We’re going to make this work for us. And we’re prepared to take a blow if we have to. I have been honest in this matter, open and direct. I’ve given the school and the teachers every chance to act. And they blew it. And here we draw the line to say: we take no more! We are taking our children elsewhere, where we think they will feel better. I’ve informed school every step of the way, so we really don’t even have to answer for ourselves.

Oh, and  by the way: the children are starting on their new school this coming Monday! And the principal has decided to arrive half an hour later at his appointment tomorrow so that he can show our girls round in their new school tomorrow afternoon. I find that a warm welcome!