A few weeks ago, I payed a visit to my friend Amber.There, hurrying while making dinner, I asked her if I could do a blind one-liner of her face. A “portrait”. Giggly, we sat down to business. I’d draw her face. Or rather, a oneliner. Blind!!! So, no looking on my paper. Just my eyes touching the shapes and lines in her face and my hands steering the pencil to draw them.

Wow! That was hard in two ways! First it is a tough job making your eyes go the same speed as your hand. The eyes tend to swoop down a line in a millisecond. But the hand needs a little longer to make that line all the way. And then something else, something unexpected. It was immensely intimate to draw someone’s face like that! It felt as if my look was touching my friend. All the lines of her face and even a bit into her soul, trying to capture the way she looked at me.

Well, the image didn’t turn out a one on one image of my friend. Not by far!

BUT!!! I DID manage to capture her gaze…and some specific features about Amber’s face. It’s become a rather abstract drawing and rather unflattering. But I’m unbelievably pleased with it because in some way my drawing does show a bit of Amber. Amber herself didn’t dislike the “portrait” either, because unflattering as it is, she recognised something of herself in it. She said: “I might look like this when I’m older…” (*giggling*).

Well, here’s Amber?