Do you ever think about art?

I do. I sometimes wonder what art really is. Is art strictly for Picassos and Rembrandts? Or can I make art as well? And if I can make art, then can I be an artist? And being married with children…the epiphany of “boring”…then can I still be an artist? And do I want to be?  And if not, then why do I love making art so much? Why do I need it so hard?

Not all of us think so much about something like art. Some people just do what they love to do. But not I. Some people don’t understand what I’m fussing about, thinking so much about stuff like this and say I should just go and get busy. But then…sometimes I run into people who think about it as much as I, apparently. Like just now…I ran into a song by Tanya Davis, it’s called “Art”. The video is by Canadian director Andrea Dorfman.


I wondered what would be the worth of my words in the world
if i write them and then recite them are they worth being heard
just because i like them does that mean i should mic them
and see what might unfurl

i think of the significance of my opinions here
is it significant to be giving them does anybody care
just because i’m into this does that mean i should live like it
and really do i dare

art, art i want you
art you make it pretty hard not too
and my heart is trying hard here to follow you
but i can’t always tell if i ought to

so i pondered the point of my art in this life
if i make it will someone take it and think it’s genuine
will they be glad that i did ’cause they got something good out of it
will they leave me and be any more inspired

i question the outcome of the outpouring of myself
if i tell everyone my stories will this keep me healthy and well
will it give me purpose, to this world some sort of service
is it worth it, how can i tell

art, art…