– “And now for something personal!”
– “But aren’t all your journal pages personal?”
– “Well, yes. But there’s a difference between personal and personal. And this one is personal.”

The past year was tough. Serious worries and a horizon that lay at the beginning of this summer. But it was also a year in which I managed to kick ass in a good many positive ways. Somehow, when it comes down to being confronted with one’s own fragility, or even one’s own mortality, the outlook on life automatically changes. Some aspects of life darken, but others become as light as you’d never imagined possible.

Then the week before last I got some really awesome news! This year’s test results were unexpectedly better than last year’s, so surgery had become unnecessary . I can’t even begin to describe the relief I felt. Maybe one day this reintervention will come. But I might just be lucky enough to shove it so far into the future that safer techniques will be available by then.

This Art Journal page is my processing both the tension and the relief. And even though some days I was so uptight that I didn’t even want to open up in my Art Journal, it still is THE place for laying down all that I go through. It’s pages like these that tell life stories.

What do you want to lay down in your Art Journal?