A truly wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration on archetypical symbols is this book. Het boek der symbolen for the Dutch reader. Book of Symbols for the English reader.

Other than all the other books on symbols on the market, this book shows a great variety of art forms in which archetypical symbols are envisioned. And in different ways. Every page, every symbol contains a short piece of text that gives a lot of information.

For the Dutch reader there’s also the remarkable Archetypen in de Kunst. For the English reader there’s Encycolpedia of Archetypal Symbolism.

One hell of a fabulous book! But enormously expensive and hard to get by. This book contains more extensive texts, but it is more limited in symbols than the book above. Both books are equally fabulous for when you’re interested in symbolism in art. They’re inspiring and are helpful in explaining art. I highly recommend both books! They’re on the hot spot in my book case!