My Art Journal is totally back into focus again…it’s funny how it can be out of sight and heart for a while and then falls right down into your lap, not to be left out of sight again for a long time. Or maybe that’s just me either running or holding still.

Anyway, I have found yet another chance to develop my drawing skills further! By chance I found an illustrator who teaches real life classes not too far away from where I live. We had a long and nice talk on the phone and I’m welcome to start in three weeks. The conversation made me think further of what I want to learn and what for. Also, I told her about my gigantic resistance against drawing vases of flowers as seems standard in drawing courses. And when we rounded off our talk, she kidded me in saying she’d bring me a vase of flowers to draw the first lesson! Hm…hope she really was kidding!

Talking about my resistance drove me to my journal…I needed to explore that resistance a bit further…

The text says: “learning to deal with resistance”

And here I clearly misspelled ‘resistance’:

And then I decided to do a flowery vase-like thing another way…a way an illustrator could get away with, if she did it well…this is just a quick sketchy thing…an altered photo of a vase of flowers…

Maybe the way to fight inner resistance is to face it, fight it and beat it down. Maybe it’s a way to show you there are other ways that better fit your needs and wishes. Or maybe it’s just proof of laziness. I guess each bit of resistance has its own answer…but it’s a wonderful theme to use in your journal. Because when we feel resistance, we usually stay away from a topic altogether. But why should we? The things we try to evade define us as much as the things we do do. It’s like learning to draw by a technique which doesn’t let you draw an object but the ’empty space’ around it. If you draw the space around an object, it defines the outlines of the object as much and perhaps even more than when you’d draw the outlines of the object itself. In fact, in drawing lessons, outlines turn out more precise when drawing the empty space than when drawing the object. Could the same apply to discovering yourself from reviewing the things you avoid in life? Your jigsaw pieces of resitance?

While I leave you perhaps mesmerised with this theory, I’ll give you a sneak preview into a new project I’ve started.