“Melancholy” – mixed media, © Mandy van Goeije, 2015

In a few weeks there’s going to be a new exhibit of my work. Yesterday I checked out the venue for prep work and when I came home, I felt like getting my hands dirty. And so “Melancholy” was born.

There’s something odd about this image of my new painting. You see, my scanner simply doesn’t pick up some colours! Seriously! And not due to the reflection of light, as sometimes happens (flare), or because the lamp light shines through a thin layer of paint which washes away the colour (happens to watercolours all the time!) It’s so weird what happened here! I think that a particular colour is simply not programmed into the scanner and it translates it as white…the colour is…neon pink! My scanner does not know and therefore does not recognize neon pink! The bright nose was adjusted in photoshop, but I didn’t get that done in the background because all colour information was missing there. In the nose the underlying red layer had at least been captured.

You want proof? Okay, here is “Melancholy” containing a lot more colour than my scanner shows. My camera was able to capture it:

“Melancholy”, this time with neon pink!

I’m seriously baffled. Never knew this. Or how it works when a device hasn’t been programmed to recognize a colour… And what I find stranger, even, is that the scanner doesn’t translate this neon pink into a neighbouring colour that it DOES know. It simply left out all the colour information of these neon pink pixels and translated it to white. Isn’t that odd?

My scanner is a funny story in itself anyway, though. I was looking for an A3 scanner and soon found out they’re pretty expensive. But also, test results of those expensive devices were disappointing up to pretty expensive ones. And then I ran into a really good test rapport of an immensely affordable scanner from a practically unknown brand. Chinese, if I remember correctly. It gave the best scan results of all. So since the next scanner that offered that colour depth was over 1000 euros more expensive, I decided to try this cheapo.

Well, when it arrived there was no question why this scanner was cheap. It felt like it from the first touch. So I treat it like the fragile thing it is, for this machine wasn’t exactly made to last. It feels like a disposable object in every sense. But then the scan results were seriously awesome! So who cares while it lasts?

This scan is the first scan in 2 years that comes out disappointing. I wonder if more expensive scans can pick up on the neon pink or if I can somehow update my scanner to recognize colours like these in the future. But I guess for now I’ll just have to get out my camera for a seriously good photo 😉

Want to check this painting out in real life? You can!

Exhibit: Goes townhall, all through April.

Expositie Stadskantoor Goes, centrale hal, maand april