Dear friends,

Our new puppy Tibbe has arrived and I’m simply smothered with puppy love…so I’m taking a perfectly timed summer break for the rest of August! I’m so looking forward to playing with Tibbe, enjoying Summer with picknicks and seaside visits and painting and drawing, reading or simply cloud gazing…

The coming weeks I will check the Mixed Media Character Faces group and the Art Journal Summer School 2016 group regularly  for questions and feedback and if there are any questions, you can always e-mail me. I will check my e-mail daily.

For a flood of puppy-cuteness attacks, you can follow my Instagram or facebook page…but be careful…puppy-love is contageous! 😉

Before I go, I want to give you a little peek into my new upcoming workshop that I’m working on:

Mixed Media Character Faces, 2nd edition: Black ‘n Booze!


New Online Workshop upcoming: Mixed Media Character Faces II – Black ‘n Booze!

Painting expressive faces the easy way and finding your own visual voice at the same time…

Do you want to learn to paint mixed media faces in a fun and intuitive adventure? Then keep an eye on the upcoming Black ‘n Booze edition of the online Mixed Media Character Faces workshops! Thanks to its playful and intuitive nature, this course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced painters!

Mixed Media Character Faces II: Black ‘n Booze will be launched this coming September/October. It’s going to be a really wonderful workshop with lots and lots of painting magic…all playful and intuitive again, but offering a whole new technique. This workshop will have an art journaling bonus, so apart from the process of creating a piece of art, extra lessons are included to the making of a journal page that perfectly integrates the process of art journaling and this wonderful technique. Thorough constructive and personal feedback will be offered in a closed facebook group again and there will be weekly Q&A videos for the students of this workshop.

If you like, you can be notified of the launch of this workshop right after its launch by signing up below.

Launch: September/October 2016