My attic is pristine and heavenly…as is the front half of my studio:

Yay! But, after some online sales and
a flea market, I still have stuff left in the living room and in the back end of my studio. Today I’m going to sort it
all out and turn my entire studio into heaven. I will do some more online sales and give the rest to the local
exchange shop (a thrift shop where people don’t pay with money, but with
points they collect from handing their own stuff in…really cool

Yesterday I felt wrecked, so I took a day off. It was kind of funny, because in fact, I took no more than an hour off, tops. Which is when I read a book. The rest of the day I spent writing a speech amidst the remainder of the clutter and doing this journal page:

Art Journal page – gouache on watercolour paper