The past years I’ve been designing and redesigning my profession. But I never seemed to get a fully clear picture of it in my mind. Let alone explain it to somebody else. Also, the emphasis kept shifting and I didn’t really know what to focus on first.

This year started out insane, as readers of my blog will know. Our entire family was taken down by the flu numerous times in a row and my father was diagnosed with cancer. Things weren’t looking very bright. A disastrous time for my professional development, I thought at the time. Because I was put to an immediate standstill.

My father miraculously fully recovered. But the possibility of losing him changed my entire perspective. And while I had seemingly come to a halt, I was taking some important decisions.

I went to see a coach. I wanted to find out what was holding me back. And the time proved to be so ripe for answers. Years of personal growth culminated into important insights. From there on I sky rocketed so fast…all the things I’d “known” already now fell together as one fitting puzzle. And with that came an incredible amount of energy, but at the same time the much sought after peace and quiet that I knew I needed to settle down professionally.

After the last session with my coach, I found a business coach. Not one that aims hardcore for the money. It’s not that I’m after. She helps me dig out all I have gathered in the past few years and turn that into wonderful e-courses. She’s not here physically, but she helps me formulate exactly what I’m doing. And recognise its value. And see how much I already HAVE built up in the past years.

The day before yesterday I learned a major lesson that immediately transformed into an incredible boost of energy. And guess what? I wrote an e-book in 2 days! It’s not finished by far. I want to make it look fine and dandy…and I want to add a workbook to it so that people can work in it and from it. But this will be finished. I know exactly what I’m doing. And it’s really going to be lovely. I am a demanding person, but I am really proud of this book! It is exactly what I want to deliver. It is a first of many to come. I have already written the outlines for 6 more!

I’m not going to tell you what the book is about just yet. I do not want to let any other energy into the creation of it than my own now that I’m so deeply into the flow of the book. However, I promise you that as soon as it’s finished, I will let you know. Or even better…I will provide you with some sample material!

It is an incredibly exciting process to work from within without forcing myself to do a certain thing I’d agreed with myself, but let the flow take me along instead. I really did need the rough beginning of this year to learn that I must not fight the flow, but learn to go with it instead. From my new perspective, I see things so much brighter. And I know that I’m ready now, to take my work into the world.