Last week I took a week off from social media, craving some cocooning-time to get some serious work done.

Of course, then comes along a flu-like virus that takes me down. So, I guess you can say I have cocooned enough for now. I felt nearly as covered in cobwebs as the shed is…

After having lived in the shades of feverish dreams, I yearned to get
out of this involuntary cocoon today and feel the wind and sunlight on
my face again.

The promised sun didn’t show this afternoon and the wind still carries the remains of winter, so I decided to stay in the garden this afternoon…

There I found beauty in decay. And not just in the mere promise of new life about to explode from the soil, but also in the fragile textures of the skeleton leaves….of the skeleton zucchini plant in my veggie patch…it’s gorgeous and incredibly inspiring.