It’s one fine Summer week
so I decided to have lunch in the garden…
one of the benefits of having my workplace at home.
For a full twenty minutes or so
this little fellow sat right beside me
no more than ten inches away from my shoulder.
Right below him
sat his smaller brother
And while sitting there
observing life around me
I suddenly learned why a cabbage butterfly
is called a cabbage butterfly.
It was head over heels with our kale.
And speaking of our veggie patch…
I’ve harvested lots of beans that will grow next year’s string bean plants
and a few for today’s dinner.
I could have added the nasturtium to my lunch.
 The flowers and leaves are said to be edible.
So I once tried.
To no success…
Instead I’m looking forward to our apples
And our pears.
This year we have so many
that the tree hangs heavy with them.
I hope the branches will not break.
The grapes are finally growing as well.
But we’ve never been able to eat them.
They never seem to grow enough,
or ripen.
Do you see the hibiscus in the background?
It’s blooming so beautifully again…
I wasn’t the only one enjoying the sun.
Moortje was enjoying it to bits!
She’s fifteen years old…and a bit..
every day is a gift.
And what a lovely gift today was for her!
Peerke observed us with his usual coolness.
He’s turned out into such a lovely rabbit.
Never known one as cuddly as Peerke.
He’s a giant sweetheart.