During the past months there were moments
where I didn’t really feel that I was an artist anymore.
I was so busy with the business side of my business
(setting up the infrastructure for my online workshops,
first-time company tax report, etc.),
that I hardly managed to touch my pencils and brushes.
In my head new ideas keep stewing and brewing, though,
turning my head into the famous artists’ pressure cooker!
A current theme that was bubbling and cooking up there
is pods, larvae, metamorphosis.
And what do you know!
After this week’s oil pastel sketches
I even managed to squeeze a bit of paint in my spooky tax-stuff week…
The poor sod got forsaken, though.
Until a few minutes ago, when I sat down behind my desk
and lifted a pile of documents and my tax folder off of it,
this cocoon reemerged.
And suddenly I see the reason why this theme’s been on my mind.
This entire tax-thing was a huge deal for me.
Because this makes it final somehow.
Art is not a hobby anymore.
Art has become my life.
And with the backup of a smart tax specialist,
a really awesome coach
and a handful of online trainers who specialize in things I had no affinity with,
I managed to set up my business really well.
With the tax report finished and well, I feel this process has come full circle.
I’ve taken off and am in full flight.
And you know what?
I love it!
And now that all’s set up decently,
I can finally work on the content of my online workshops again.
And…even better…
I can FINALLY go back to my drawing table
and focus on my illustrations and paintings again.
I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it!
This forsaken journal page isn’t finished yet.
But, I’m not going to.
You see, my process – even though I am in full flight – 
isn’t finished yet either.
Are we ever?