A few months ago I bought a new camera for my work,
a digital SLR camera. 
It makes superb videos for my online workshops!
But I soon noticed that photographing with a digital SLR
is not the same as shooting with an advanced compact camera.
And so, I need some training. 
 Trying to remember what I learned at a photography course a few years ago,
I shot mostly flowers today…and mostly PINK flowers
Unfortunately there were only few butterflies left in the greenhouse.
Butterflies won’t be fooled by human intervention, you see.
The caterpillars won’t grow into butterflies in winter.
But then again,
for photography training a flower that sits still
is a much better subject than a buttery flutterby!
I love orchids.
After seeing so many this afternoon,
I’m thinking of getting a new one for my living room…
so far I’ve proved a champion in getting them to bloom!
(People always go on about how often mine bloom…
my secret? I treat ’em bad! No green fingers here!)

And this gorgeous plant must be a Bougainvillea…
such bright, joyful and tender pink!
I took at least 20 photos…
And ow, allright…a yellow flower too!
Just reminded me so of the bright sun!
I so long for the sun on these dull cloud-covered days.
And just look at this wonderful frog!
They come from Surinam and can grow to up to 20 cm!!! 
Ahh…cute men make good subjects for my training too 😉
But hubsy dearest, I am sooooo sorry,
my true star of the day is this gorgeous and übercute Armadillo!
It’s a ‘Big Hairy Armadillo’, if you want to look it up on Google!
And seriously, it’s one of the cutest animals I’ve ever seen!
See all the exclamation marks? 
Just look at that face!
Those baby ears…the bulging eyes…
the enormous nails…
and then the melodeon back!
I love it so much because it’s unexpected.
We humans are prone to love furry animals.
But this armadillo was so disarming…
I just HAVE to draw it!
Or draw something based on it.
I’ll go back one day
to study it with no kids there…no pressure to hurry on to the playground.
I’d never seen a live Armadillo before,
and the discovery feels like having found a little treasure!
Ha! And here’s my big mistake of the day!
I forgot to take the polarizing filter off
so my camera didn’t get enough light to take a sharp photo!
I wanted to post this photo nonetheless.
It deserves no prize in a beauty contest,
but look at that corona!
It’s not very well visible on the photo,
but the corona had all colours of an oil stain;
blue, green, purple, gold…it was gorgeous!
That little blue dot in the middle?
Oh, I discovered a new approaching comet,
that’s all!
So! The result of one afternoon with my camera
is a wonderful first-time encounter with a lovely creature,
a pack of lovely (pink) photos,
some nice talks
and a pack of inspiration for new work!
It was a good day!