If you work with good quality watercolor, and/or if you’re a huge Art Supply Junky, like me, this Schmincke Horadam color chart is not to be missed!!! This links to the German/English version, but Dutch Art Supply dealers that carry Schmincke can provide you with the free paper version.

Here’s an overall color chart (click for large version), but read on below it to find out why ordering the free brochure is really something you ought to do!

What’s so awesome about this chart is that it not only provides colors, names and numbers, but on the right there’s a bunch of information about pigments and the use of the colors. Especially great if you want to compose a set of colors…this is a great aid in choosing. For instance, I always used raw umber and madder lake to mix for a nice skin tone. But, I frequently ran into the problem of running out of paint and not mixing the exact same color again before my paint was dry on the paper. Stains as a result. In this chart, however, I learned that Napels Yellow Reddish was really great for skintones…and it is!!!

It also gives super information about some colors that don’t mix well and what alternatives there are.

And also, on the back is an overview of all the Horadam colors in a color circle, so that you see which color is where in tone. Super helpful in composing a color scheme!

I don’t know any other brand that gives such detailed information about their paint. And the paint itself is fabulous. It’s my favourite brand of watercolor, although I’m beginning to compose mixed-brand watercolor sets. But more about that later!