Still working on Etsy…sometimes literally listing prints…but I’ve also been making new work!!!

Want to know the story of the Swan Princess? Okay…let me tell you about the Swan Princess…

“Once upon a time there was a very beautiful girl. From the day she was born, everybody praised her beauty. Receiving so much praise raised the girl haughty and uncaring for others. Her beauty, she thought, was given to her for being the bestest little girl in the world. However hard her parents tried to help their beautiful daughter get along and play with other children, the girl would always play on her own in the mirror room, dressing up and up and up and up…sending her bestest smiles to the mirror.
Then, one day her parents called out to the good faerie for help. The good faerie went to look for the little girl in the mirror room. It was a hard job, because the little girl was surrounded by hundreds of mirrors, all reflecting her lovely features. Then, in one step, the hundreds of reflections changed into those of the good faerie. The little girl looked up to see who had dared disturb her little beauty play. When her eyes met the good faerie’s, she stood up and said the ugliest, ugliest things to her. Then, all of a sudden a flash of lightning hit the Princess. And when the smoke started to vanish, a beautiful swan appeared. Beautiful, but without feet. Carefully she was carried outside and put in front of the castle for everyone to look at her. The first few days, everyone was in awe with the swan’s beauty. But then people got used to the the swan and their appreciation for her beauty seemed to vaporise until everyone walked past the swan without giving her even as much as a glance.
Then one morning, when the swan shed a tear, the good fairy appeared. She saw the swan’s regret and turned her back into the princess. That morning the princess dashed off into the village and played with all the children, making her self dirty. But what a joy she had!”