Picture this:

This is a blond woman calling another woman’s 5-year old child: “little bitch”.

A toe curling situation.

This little girl had an outburst of anger. Why, I don’t know. Two mothers (among which her own) told her off and the situation seemed calm. But the little girl was still stuffed with frustration, so when she had to wait for her turn to put away her coat and school bag, she got another outburst of anger…and hit a boy standing in her way.

The little boy’s mother jerked her away from her son, pushed her to the side rather violently and started yelled at her that she had to keep her “filthy hands off her son”. And then she yelled at her son that he shouldn’t let himself get hit by “that little bitch!” and dashed off.

Whatever the situation, history and social context…what was that woman thinking it was okay to behave like that to a 5-year old girl? I thought adults were supposed to know there are more decent ways to solve an issue. And angry and unreasonable though the girl was, it was the woman’s reaction to it that really shocked me.