Seeding - watercolor mixed media painting by Mandy van Goeije

Seeding – watercolor mixed media painting by Mandy van Goeije

Lori’s gift

Do you remember that last September Lori sent me this wonderful Altoid / chewing-gum-package test kit of M. Graham watercolor paints? Here’s the little video I made about it back then:

Thank you so much, Lori, for your kind gift. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to try these paints!



Back then I hoped to review the paint soon because I was particularly curious about this paint of which I’d read such wonderful reviews. But a lot happened in the following months and I only got round to reviewing this wonderful paint today. But not after doing a painting with them to try these magnificent paints before I’d review them. This painting is called “Seeding” and it is for sale in my shop, here.

Someone asked me what I mean to say with this painting and when that happens, I find my mouths quickly half open, ready to ventilate what I see in it. But then I find myself torn. Isn’t it much more important to let the viewer see their own story in it? I really prefer the latter, feeling that my own interpretation would only limit the freedom with which the viewer can behold a story.

So, even though I’m not spillig the beans on the little story I meant to paint, I can say a little about the conditions under which I painted this little fellow. I intended to record the M. Graham review yesterday, but the duvet of clouds was so heavy and grey that I felt all color had been sucked out of the world. Any filming would have required artificial lighting and as you can guess, that is no way to film the swatching of watercolor paint. It contaminates all the colors with flares and whatever hue the light throws onto them mixed with whatever your camera picks up of it. I was a little gutted because in spite of my planning, it seemed I could not film my review.

Looking at this guy, I can’t help but wonder if he took over my aggrevation and was longing for the blue skies and the sun, for the return of light and colors, just as much as I did. The plant he sits on clearly couldn’t wait for it either and has already begun seeding. Real-life nature around me can’t wait either. This morning on my walk I saw the first crocuses of the year! Even though they were only a frail lilac, I almost felt like jumping for joy. Yay, spring is on its way! I can’t wait!

The first crocuses of 2018

For “Seeding” I used both these wonderful M. Graham watercolor paints and the Sennelier Pagoda Indian ink that I’d been dying to try and I’ve found it is really good.

Seeding - watercolor mixed media painting by Mandy van Goeije

Seeding – close-up

M. Graham Watercolors Swatching and Review

I absolutely love the M. Graham Watercolor paint! It is 100% to my taste, but I shan’t give all away here yet. You can see all about it in my video review. Of course I swatched all the colors Lori sent me and did a few tests with it to see how these paints behave. Here goes:


Here is the color chart I made in the M.Graham review video:

M. Graham watercolor color chart for video review by Mandy van Goeije
Click to enlarge

I have tried to manipulate the scan as little as I could but still give a proper representation of what these swatches look like. Please keep in mind that should you buy colors, colors may differ from what you see on your screen. Despite careful color adjustment (individually for all swatches), they may come across very different on your screen due to the defaults of all different screens and our individual settings. More information can be acquired in my video in which I comment on the colors so that you may find more clarity on them.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you’ve painted with these watercolor paints then please let me know what your experiences are. And even more…should you have any experience with their gouache, I’d love to hear about those! Those are the next I definitely want to try and get my hands on…