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Keeping your data private

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Privacy statement Mandy van Goeije Illustration

With the new European GPDR (AVG for Dutchies) regulations, it has become important to deal with personal data with more care than before. So it’s time for an update of the privacy policy of Mandy van Goeije Illustratie so that you know for sure your data are being taken proper care of.

This page informs you about how I handle any personal data you might provide through my website.

To say I’m not a fan of data mongering is an understatement. I don’t like it that all over the internet our personal data have become a product that is being sold crisscross across the web by whoever bids the most for whatever benefit from a to us unknown 3rd party. Nor do I like such an approach towards people who might be interested in my work. Therefore I do not make use of 3rd party data gathering companies for marketing purposes. And I do my best to make and keep my website and virtual communication as safe as possible.

My websites and have an SSL certificate to ensure safely encrypted data traffic on my website. Cookies on this website are used very minimally; only for statistics purposes by a plug-in of my own and do not collect any other data than what is necessary for that purpose. Any data you provide will be handled carefully and only to enable your use of my online classes, to subscribe to my newsletter and to respond to possible questions or issues you might have.

3rd parties

Your data will NOT be passed on to 3rd parties for whatever purposes. Should there ever rise an occasion – which I can’t imagine right now, but it may be good to include in this statement to make sure you’re well assured – that it might be interesting for 3rd parties to have your data, they would never be passed on without your explicit consent after an explicit request with a proper explanation about the what and the why of it.


For safety purposes and most convenient payment options all payment traffic goes via Etsy.

Buying via Etsy requires making an account there if you don’t have one yet. When you create an account, you will have to agree with their privacy policy.  Shoud you like to know how Etsy deals with personal data, you can read their privacy policy here.

The data you enter on Etsy for your purchase are stored on Etsy and can be viewed and adjusted by yourself in your settings at all times.

The data I collect from Etsy are for administration and tax purposes only and will not be used for any other purpose than that. They will be kept in a password-protected digital environment.

As a student of my online courses you automatically receive the course letter which contains important information for online students. Read more about that under ‘Newsletter’.


My newsletter is sent through MailChimp with whom there is a GPDR/AVG-proof customer EU Data Processing agreement so that they handle your data according to the law. In other words, your data is safe there too.

You will only receive my newsletter if you have actively let me know you want to and have given me permission to send it to you, So only after you’ve subscribed to MandyMail via the ‘subscribe’ button on my website

When you buy an online course, you automatically receive the course letter. That newsletter will only share relevant information about the course and is not used for marketing or any other purposes. This letter will not appear at regular intervals, but only when something relevant to the course comes up.

You can always unsubscribe from the MandyMail and course newsletter. Every newsletter has an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter. Data from unsubscribers is deleted from the list of data every year. Do keep in mind that if you’re an online student, sometimes important information about your online course or the online learning environment is communicated through the course newsletter.

Contact form

Any data you provide in the contact form or in an e-mail if you approach me directly, will be used only to respond to your question or comment and is not stored in any database, nor will your e-mail address be ued for marketing purposes. You will only be added to the mailing list if you subscribe to it by your own choice.

Personal information

Some courses might get very personal, content-wise. That is inherent in working with (art) journals and diaries, after all – that we get personal.

Every course has its own virtual password-protected classroom. By purchasing an online course, you agree with my motto: what happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom. I expect that all students will want their personal accounts to stay just that – personal. And I also expect that therefore, students will be more than willing to respect that wish in other students as well. That being said, when taking one of my online classes, it is always possible to send me your work directly through e-mail for reviewing rather than share it in the classroom where all students of that course can see it.

None of the personal information shared in that classroom is stored or used for any other purposes than the lessons of that moment. The same applies to any information shared with me personally through e-mail or social media messages. When using social media, though, be aware that their privacy policies may not be as respectful as mine. For that reason I am currently moving my online courses to a private environment outside social media, to make sure our data are safe and respected. We are NOT a product.


Appreciating my students’ art work and journal pages made in my online classes, I sometimes like to showcase their work. But only after asking explicit permission to do so and always with the option to showcase anonymously, with full name and website referral or anything in between. None of your work will be shared by me without explicit permission.

It is probably superfluous to mention because it is a condition students agree to when purchasing, but it is also not permitted to students to share the work of other students without explicit permission of that student outside the designated online classrooms. Should it happen anyway, it is considered to be abuse and for that I have zero tolerance. Abuse means removal from the classroom. Should you find your work shared without permission, please let me know and I will take due action.

Data storage

The data that I store for Mandy van Goeije Illustratie is for administration and tax purposes only and will be kept in a password-protected environment that is accessible to me alone for the legally obliged period of 7 years and then be destroyed.

Automated Decision Making

This website does not make use of Automated Decision Making or profiling, nor collects any data to do so.

Concerns or questions?

I, Mandy van Goeije, am responsible for the data processing of this website. Should there be any questions/problems/concerns regarding the safety of your data or your privacy, then please let me know so that I can help you. I do my best to carefully protect both your and my online privacy and comply with the AVG legislation, but something may have escaped my attention and I’d appreciate being notified of anything I’ve missed and be more than glad to fix whatever that would be.

You can also contact me by phone 0031-(0)6-52680908 or through snail mail:
Mandy van Goeije Illustratie
Schermerhornstraat 7
4463XD Goes
The Netherlands

Should you find serious faults in the way your data are processed by Mandy van Goeije Illustratie and feel unheard by me, you can file a complaint at the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.