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Hello world! I'm back online!

Hello dear visitors,

I'm so glad to see you have found your way here to my new website. It's new, but not far. It's a work-in-progress, so please bear with me if you see anything off. And if something doesn't work like you think it should, please, let me know so I can fix it.

"Consumers of Dreams"

A few months back my old website very suddenly died. I ran it on Wordpress and what had never happened before, happened then...running a few updates messed up the code so deep in the root of the site that even running backups didn't mend the problem. I could no longer work on my site. My options were to hire a professional to mend the site or to build a new one. Not having worked for a long time and not having had any income as a result, I decided it was going to be option #2. So I moved my website to Wix where the backoffice is somebody else's expertise and I only get to do the lovely part, the content. There were enough choices to be made as it was anyway. So, here it is! I'm back online.

The first thing I have to show, are these two brandspanking new watercolors I did yesterday and today. They're collections of semi-abstract watercolor portraits. After having been drawing with ink a lot lately, these were a glorious painting job. I could barely stop.

Both paintings are for sale. You can contact me, should you be interested.

After having been away for a long time to recuperate physically, I feel totally back in the saddle again. And I'm glad to say that I'm working in the studio almost every week day again these days. The past years were weird and not always fun, but what felt like I was losing a lot, actually turned out to offer a lot of good things too. My work is taking on a clear direction now and with some tweaking of my website it will become clear very soon what I mean by that. And also....I've committed to working with a new medium as well. That will be a rabbit in the hat for now, but I will showcase as soon as I'm ready to present the new work.

Thank you very much for being here. I appreciate your presence very much. And if I may ask a tiny bit of your help, could you please leave me a comment on this post? That would help me enormously in finding out if that all works as it should. Thanks so much in advance and I wish you a really great weekend! See you again soon!

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