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Learn to work with mixed media intuitively in the Mixed Media Character Faces workshop!

It is time to get in the painting mood and get your hands dirty!!! In this workshop I take you on an intuitive painting adventure in which you will learn to worth with all kinds of media and to let a portrait come to life in the flow of a natural process. It is such fun to see who appears on your canvas!!!

To begin with, a base collage will empty your mind and set the tone for the rest of the painting. Then it’s time to add more dimension to your canvas by creating texture and by getting your hands dirty for a layer of color. Then and only then you will slowly start seeing your character face come to life!

The course contains 3 clear, real-time instruction videos (2,5 hours), a step-by-step PDF to work offline and 5 short and clear trouble shooting videos that will help you bring your character face to life.

Important: In this workshop PERFECTION is NOT ALLOWED!!! We’re painting a character here. And characters are never perfect or flawless… Instead, you will bring someone to life on your canvas without knowing up front who you’re going to paint. You’re simply going to let it appear by listening to your intuition, by following the flow of the process step by step!

Are you ready for a fun and exciting journey?

Early Bird sale 15% off until 30 June 2016

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