How to keep your mind sane in this surreal time?

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If you’re even the least bit like me, I bet the current news and quarantine have raised your stress levels at least a bit.

Being kicked out of your daily routine and having to refrain from social contact isn’t easy, but if we all keep to ourselves for a bit, we can help this corona crisis pass as quickly as possible. So, it’s never been more important to keep your head and heart light and clear than in a global crisis like this one. And even better…we can even use this time to add something valuable to our lives.

Whatever happens, today Spring has begun. And if anything, let this Spring be the symbol of hope and a promise of the better, sunnier times that are ahead.

But how do you keep your mind sane when you feel bored, stressed, annoyed, afraid or overwhelmed?

You keep busy.
You get creative.
You connect.
You interact.
And you go outside.

Even if you’re not allowed to go further outside than your own garden, than the little patch of green outside your apartment, than the road to the supermarket…in your closest vicinity you can still go outside. And where there’s an outside, there is nature. Even on balconies or in sidewalk cracks!

So…I propose a challenge!

Observe the nature that is your Little Big World for 10 days. Closely.

It’s super interesting.
It’s inspiring.
It’s surprising.
It’s healthy to catch some fresh air.
It’s educational.
It helps clear the mind.
It strengthens your sense of being connected with the world.
It’s great to do with your family.
It’s lovely to share.
So it’s a wonderful way to connect.

1 e-book, 10 days in The Little Big World

Join me and
keep busy!
Get creative,
and go outside!

It’s free!

Join the challenge now and join the facebook group. The coming weeks you will find more free inspiration there to stay active, creative and happy!

Important: when going outside, keep a distance of at least 1,5 m from anybody who doesn’t live in your house. Even on the beach, in parks, in playgrounds and in forests!!!!!

Don’t forget to invite all your friends to join and see you on Instagram and in the Facebook group!!!

Lots of love, Mandy van Goeije

Gouache landscape study I recently painting in my nature journal