Would you like a Hug from me? For yourself or for someone else?

That’s possible! Read how:

Have you been missing hugging your loved ones as much as I have? Some of you have and have asked me to draw them or their loved ones an inky hug after seeing the Hugs I drew for my family and friends on social media. Seeing how happy these drawings made people, I’ve decided to do commissions.

How do Hugs work?

If you want a Hug from me, please contact me so we can discuss your wishes, preferably over a video call.
But read on first to make sure you’re okay with the way I work!

The medium for the Hugs is always India ink, the size always A5. Single color details are optional. Along with some information you need to provide me with a few photo(s) of the person(s) you want me to draw, which is either you and “me” or someone else and “me” or you and someone else. Don’t worry about the data you provide. It will only be used to do the job and shipment and never sold off. After the commission all is deleted.

Person X hug by Mandy van Goeije
“Would you like a Hug? – India ink on A5 Bristol paper © Mandy van Goeije
India Ink hug illustration by Mandy van Goeije
Big Hugs, India Ink on Bristol paper © Mandy van Goeije, 2020

From the moment we’ve agreed on a commission, please reserve 7 work days for me to finish the job. If the Hug’s for someone else, you’ll get a digital file with the end result to make sure you like the job. Like it? Fine. I’ll send it to the required address. Don’t like it? Too bad. The drawing will end up in my shop for someone else to love and purchase it. So, to make things clear, you pay AFTER giving the OK and BEFORE shipment.

Aha, money!

The cost of Hugs

The price for a personalized original inky Hug is only € 95,00 + shipment (including VAT where applicable).

Copyright is NOT transferred and remains with the artist! If you want the copyright too, please enquire for information.

Special occaision

If you want a Hug for a special occasion, book well in time. And keep in mind that in this pandemic the mail services can be slow. Should a Hug be held up in the mail, I can send you a digital image that you can print and give as a promise card for the occasion.


All Hugs are shipped in a sturdy cardboard envelope and sealed in a plastic sleeve to make sure they arrive in good order. Ensured shipment is an option.


There are no refunds. If you like, before finalizing purchase, you can get a digital sneak preview.

India Ink hug illustration by Mandy van Goeije
Hugelele, India ink on Bristol paper, © Mandy van Goeije
India Ink hug illustration by Mandy van Goeije
Hugs, India ink on Bristol paper, © Mandy van Goeije, 2020

Done. I want a Hug!

Awesome! I am looking forward to drawing your Hug!
Please write me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to set a date and time for a video call to discuss your wishes.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered yet, also contact me.