Hi-res Art Print of the month – July ’21

Dear Patron,

Before you print, a few words about printing and the images provided.

The Art Print has been optimized for the size of the paper The Quiet Tree was painted on, which is 7″ x 10″. It’s 400dpi, so if you like,  you can print it slightly bigger, but don’t go over A4 or else your image might begin to blur.

If you choose to print a certain size for framing purposes, I recommend printing it with cutting marks so that you can cut out your Art Print to the required size easily. If all’s well, you can set the cutting marks in your printer settings when you print.

Prints can be made on whatever paper you like, but since it’s a watercolor, I highly recommend either watercolor printing paper or Archival Matte Paper. I use Epson paper and after some tweaking and testing, that paper proved to be impressively good.

Next to the art print you will also find a hi-res document of The Quiet Tree that’s slightly smaller, so you can use that to print a postcard or gift tag, for example.

A few words on use and copyright

By clicking the button below, you automatically agree with the rules for using this hi-res Art print, so please read them carefully.

Downloading these files does not transfer the copyright of this work to you. The copyright remains with me, the maker, Mandy van Goeije.

These hi-resolution files of my Art prints are made available to you strictly for PERSONAL use. So you can make a fine Art print for on the wall or give it to someone as a present. You could print a t-shirt or a mug for yourself or for a present. Or you can print a few postcards to send to your friends or some gift tags that you can attach to your gifts. Key here is that you use the file for your personal use.

Giving someone a present with this print is also personal use, so that’s okay. Giving two or three people such a present is also still okay. That’s personal use. Using these hi-res files to print tens or even hundreds of wedding cards, or something, is not. Then we’re talking about printing an edition and that’s publication. Publication of this image is not allowed under this agreement. Should you like to use my images for any such publications (wedding cards, birth cards, retirement cards, Christmas cards, etc.), then please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

It is not allowed to sell, broadcast, publish or even lend my image to others. Not under any circumstances. It is not allowed to use this print for merchandise in whatever shape or form. So no printing on mugs to sell on art fairs or car boot sales, for example. No printing on stuff to give away as prizes. And it is definitely not allowed to sell on these hi-res files or pass them on to someone else. Any ideas for the production of merchandise and prints should be passed on to the copyright holder, which is me, Mandy van Goeije.

 So, these images cannot be used for your video, website or social media profiles. For any ideas that might come up, contact me. This agreement does not allow such use.

By clicking on the button below to proceed to the hi-res image files, you automatically agree with the agreement as stated above.