Frequently asked questions and terms and conditions
Why do sales go through Etsy?
Mandy van Goeije has chosen to use her website as a storefront and to direct sales to Etsy for safe and smooth payment with ample payment options for your ease and easy VAT processing. Prices on Etsy are including VAT unless VAT is specified.

Self-paced courses are available to download on Etsy immediately after payment. For some self-paced courses you receive the full course content at once in the form of an interactive e-book. For others you receive the log-in codes to access the course page on my website.

For paced courses you receive a download containing the first few lessons to get you started until the collective lessons begin.

All course and site content is © Mandy van Goeije.

Copyright of ALL course material is owned by the maker, being Mandy van Goeije. Purchase of a course does not transfer intellectual ownership to the buyer.

When you purchase an online course, you can use it for participants living in your household, so your partner, your kids. But not with every inhabitant of your appartment building or other family or friends.

None of the course material may be duplicated, shared, used for public broadcasting or sold to others. Introduction videos that are public on YouTube may be posted on weblogs, websites and social media, but not the downloadable course material or course material that is on the course websites.

Should you wish to use course material in classrooms or groups, special permission needs to be asked by sending an e-mail to with a clear description of the activity, the intended audience and motivation. This also applies to charities. Special fees apply to groups. Enquire after the possibilities.

After purchase self-paced courses all course material is accessible at once.

Other courses are paced, which means you receive your course material on fixed times after you started.

Whether a course is paced or self-paced is in every course description, as well as the intervals with which you receive your lessons.

The entire course content of both self-paced and paced courses remains accessible on the website in its entirety. So if you can’t keep up with the pace of the course, no worries! You can always continue in your own pace and catch up. A paced course is a recommended pace, not an obligatory one.

Terms and Conditions
Delivery time
Course material is available immediately after purchase, either by download of course files or by a login-code to the course website.

Refunds are NOT possible due to the immediate delivery of the digital and downloadable course material.
By placing an order, you automatically agree to be acquainted with this term and that you agree with it.

Technical requirements and digital skills
You need a working computer with an internet connection to be able to take the online courses.
Courses on can contain downloadable material such as videos and PDF files. You need a working internet connection and a computer, a tablet or mobile phone for your course and a printer in case you like to work from the PDF files. You must be able to work with the internet, download and print PDF files and open and download videos.

Mandy van Goeije cannot be held responsible for technical problems with your computer, your internet connection, and your printer. Mandy van Goeije can only be held accountable for keeping the Course content online and working. Should you experience problems with the accessibility of your course, please let me know at so that I can get to it immediately.


You can read the Privacy policy here.


Complaints and customer service
If there should be any complaints or problems, I sincerely apologize. My website and services are meant to spread inspiration and the joy and passion of making art. I do my utmost to mold my online presence to this goal. But since nobody’s perfect, nor am I, so if I drop a stitch, feel free to let me know.

Please inform me of your complaint using the form below and your issues will be addressed as soon as possible. I’ll be glad to help you and will get back to you within 10 work days at the latest (Usually much, much sooner, but to prevent disappointments from occurring, I’m stretching the time span a bit.)

Feedback and suggestions are also more than welcome. For those you can use the form below as well.

Let me know your complaint, feedback or suggestions