Have you always wanted to learn to paint more intuitively and make faces come to life on paper or on canvas?

Learn to work intuitively with mixed media in the Mixed Media Character Faces workshop!

Here’s what some students say about the course:

“Mandy’s techniques for backgrounds and ‘finding’ faces are just SO much fun!! I really loved this class!!”
– Deb Weiers

” I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s Mixed Media Character Faces! It is such a fun way to create and something fun always develops as a surprise. Mandy makes herself available for feedback and it is always so helpful. I love when I teacher can pinpoint a way for you to improve and can make it so clear. Great class!”
– KJ Allison

“The online course Mixed Media Character Faces, was great fun to do. Mandy gave me some advice how to continue my painting when needed and that made it even more worthwhile.
A good online course for a good price.”
– Marion Berkhout


It is time to get in the painting mood and get your hands dirty!!! In this workshop you will go on a painting adventure in which you will learn to work with mixed media and in which you will let a portrait come to life in the flow of a natural step-by-step process. It is incredibly exciting and so much fun to see who appears on your canvas!!! And best of all, you don’t need to be an experienced painter to get it done!

You start off with a ground layer that will empty your mind and set the tone for the rest of the painting. Then it’s time to add more dimension to your canvas by creating texture and by adding some color. Then and only then will you slowly start seeing your Mixed Media Character Face come to life under your fingertips!


Whatever you’ve learned about painting portraits, throw it overboard for this workshop! Things like proportions, symmetry and composition are not what we work with for this project. This workshop uses an entirely different approach to painting, namely, a natural and intuitive one. That makes this course extremely fit for those who are new to painting and those who want to loosen up in their work.

Are you ready for a fun and exciting journey? Then sign up for this course! You will have immediate access to all course content so you can start within minutes!!!


This workshop contains 3 real-time downloadable instruction videos (2,5 hours of footage in total) and a step-by-step PDF to work offline. In addition you will receive 5 short and clear technical trouble shooting videos that will help you bring your character face to life and that will add tricks to your toolbox that you can use in the future for any painting! These videos are also downloadable. And then there is also a bonus!!! (Not spilling the beans yet… 😉 )


This workshop is self-paced. Immediately after purchase you can download the full course in PDF, including the passwords you need to access the course videos. If you really want life-long access, be sure to download the videos as well and store them on your hard drive!

The first document you can download is the introduction with some general information. The second document is the course document, containing the videos (plus bonus). And the last document is the step-by-step PDF that allows you to work offline, should you want to.


For this workshop you’ll need:
– canvas or canvas board, 18x24cm or any size you prefer. Thick, good quality watercolor paper will also do.
– paper clippings, book pages, ephemera or scraps; anything you like!
– gel medium
– big hog hair brush, small and finer brush (I used size 8)
– modelling paste
– palette knife and/or old bank card
– gesso
– 2 colours acrylic paint (I used light blue and vanilla).
– black acrylic ink or black acrylic paint
– container of water
– cloth to clean hands and palette knife and wipe off mistakes if necessary
– graphite pencil HB, 2B
– cotton swab
– eraser / kneading eraser
– hair dryer
– palette for paint
– clothes that may get irreperably dirty

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