To learn an art technique is one thing. To learn to tell stories is another! This course will teach you both at the same time!


This is the ideal story telling class for art journallers! For the story in this class you stay close to home and look….in the mirror! Why the mirror? Because inside of you are uncountable stories that tell of growth, conflict, victories and shadows…we couldn’t find better ingredients for a story than that, now could we?


“Mirror, mirror…” is a super swift journey through your own stories during which you will find a visual language to express them and learn the techniques needed to paint your own reflection of them in a mirror with gouache and mixed media.


Gouache is a wonderful and accessible medium that has a beautiful velvety look when dry. It is exceptionally suitable for your art journaling and combines extremely well with other media like watercolor, ink, color pencil and pastel. This course offers a basic set of skills to work with gouache and some media it so perfectly combines with. This course is a perfect start for your own exploration of the medium.

Here’s what some students say about previous online course of mine:

“Mandy’s techniques for backgrounds and ‘finding’ faces are just SO much fun!! I really loved this class!!”
– Deb Weiers

“All of Mandy’s classes are unique, fun and freeing. I just love finding faces in the paint the way we do in The Lady in Watercolour and Mixed Media. I know I will use her ideas over and over. Mandy also gives helpful feedback for improvement if desired and I love that. She really has an eye and it has helped me a lot. I look forward to next classes!”
– KJ Allison

“The online course Mixed Media Character Faces, was great fun to do. Mandy gave me some advice how to continue my painting when needed and that made it even more worthwhile.
A good online course for a good price.”
– Marion Berkhout


This workshop contains:

  • more than 4,5 hours of real-time instruction videos, divided into well digestible parts.
  • PDF with additional tips for each stage
  • Work sheets for story finding exercises plus accompanying instruction
  • Gouache basics and instruction color mixing video
  • Closed facebook group for sharing work and feedback
  • Downloadable class material and videos
  • self-paced
  • Instant downloadable access data after purchase


This workshop is self-paced. Immediately after purchase you can download the access document on Etsy which includes the passwords you need to access the course site and the course videos. If you really want life-long access, be sure to download the videos and store them on your hard drive!

The art-supply list and accompnying PDF are downloadable as well. The course contains a video explaining how to download these files and videos.


For this workshop you’ll need:

  • Gouache artist/designers quality in tubes/jars (not cheap kids’ quality or school quality in pans and also not Holbein Acryla gouache).
    Great brands are eg.: Talens gouache, Winsor & Newton’s Designer’s, M. Graham Gouache, Schmincke Horadam Gouache.
    Color suggestions:
    If you don’t already have it, buy at least a gold gouache that you like.
    If you have no gouache at all, you could start with a basic mixing set of 5 or 10 colours containing at least primary yellow, primary blue, magenta, black and white to mix your own colors (instruction included in course) + gold. With these sets you can mix a huge amount of colors, so they are the most budget friendly option.
    Or simply buy colors you like. But keep in mind that those may not necessarily make great mixes.
    If you already have gouache, you can pick your favorite colors or the colors closest to the ones I use or mix as much as possible or splurge and buy all the colors I used in the video:
    – white,
    – deep gold,
    – raw sienna or yellow ochre,
    – olive green,
    – burnt umber,
    – ultramarine deep,
    – carmine, permanent rose/magenta,
    – black or for a more natural deepening of colors indigo,
    – flesh tint for Caucasian skin or use the earth tones plus black/indigo for darker skin tone, perhaps adding burnt sienna for redness, depending on the color
  • graphite pencil/mechanical pencil + eraser
  • magazines to cut from
  • glue
  • pen for filling in worksheets
  • brushes with a SHARP tip – I use round synthetic size 16 and 12
  • Soft flat brush – I use a synthetic brush size 18
  • soft pastel in the form of pastel pencils, soft pastel crayons (not wax crayons!!!) or pan pastels. I use pan pastels with buget-friendly eye shadow applicators.
    Needed colors:
    – white,
    – a red or magenta,
    – indigo
    – raw umber.
    For darker skin, instead of the white you might like to use another color for the highlights.
  • 3 to 5 sheets of watercolor paper 140lbs/300gr, fine grain – I use Canson Montval


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