Have you always wanted to learn to paint more intuitively with watercolor and make faces and stories come to life on paintings and in art journals?

Learn to work intuitively with watercolor and mixed media in The Lady in Watercolor and Mixed Media online workshop!

(Life Book 2017 students, see below before you buy!)

Here’s what some students say about another online course of mine, Mixed Media Character Faces:

“Mandy’s techniques for backgrounds and ‘finding’ faces are just SO much fun!! I really loved this class!!”
– Deb Weiers

” I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s Mixed Media Character Faces! It is such a fun way to create and something fun always develops as a surprise. Mandy makes herself available for feedback and it is always so helpful. I love when I teacher can pinpoint a way for you to improve and can make it so clear. Great class!”
– KJ Allison

“The online course Mixed Media Character Faces, was great fun to do. Mandy gave me some advice how to continue my painting when needed and that made it even more worthwhile.
A good online course for a good price.”
– Marion Berkhout


Go with the flow! And this time, do so very literally!
In this workshop the flow of your colors will be the starting point and foundation of your character and your story. You will learn to build up your character layer by layer in watercolor and mixed media in the flow of a natural process that is full of coincidences and chance, but that allows to be shaped by technique

This workshop is perfectly suitable both for beginners and more advanced artists. Beginners will be able to achieve great results by allowing to let the flow guide them and more advanced artists will find a challenge in painting beyond the rules they knew thus far.

The painting starts with a cloud of color that will empty your mind and set the tone for the rest of the painting. Then, by balancing and adding layer by layer you will see your character and your story come to life under your fingertips!


Whatever you’ve learned about painting portraits, throw it overboard for this workshop! Things like proportions, symmetry and composition are not what we work with for this project. This workshop uses a rather different approach to painting, namely, a natural and intuitive one, following the free flow of watercolor. That makes this course extremely fit for those who are new to painting and for those who want to loosen up in their work.

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This workshop contains 12 real-time downloadable instruction videos (almost 3 hours of footage in total) and a step-by-step PDF to work offline.
There is a closed facebook group for sharing and feedback.

And then there is also a bonus!!! (Not spilling the beans yet… )


This workshop is self-paced. Immediately after purchase you can download the access document on Etsy which includes the passwords you need to access the course site and the course videos. If you really want life-long access, be sure to download the videos and store them on your hard drive!

The art-supply list and Step-by-step PDF are downloadable as well. The course contains a video explaining how to download these files and videos.


For this workshop you’ll need:

  • Watercolor paper (140lbs/300grams – studio quality, eg: Canson Montval)Container with clean water (can be an old jar/coffee mug)
  • Paper towel
  • Round brushes (I use selected filament sizes 5 & 14). Make sure they have a really sharp tip for easy detailing.
  • Watercolor paint (student quality like Cotman, Van Gogh or White Nights) in at least 4 colors: 1. Dark Ultramarine; 2. Dark red (Alizarin Crimson/Madder Lake); 3. a warm yellow (Nickel Azo Yellow) or Yellow Ochre; 4. Paynes Grey or Black (In the video I use Daniel Smith Lunar Black for the extreme granulating capacities it has, but regular black is okay too, although the effect will be slightly different) A basic travel set of 12 colors will contain all the colors you need.
  • White waterproof ink (I use Talens drawing ink in the video)
  • HB pencil + soft eraser (In the video I use a Koh-i-Noor eraser pencil)
  • Magazine to cut from
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • photo filter app like Instagram or photo editing software
  • clothes that may get irreperably dirty
  • + optional supplies and media of your choice (eg: spray bottle, DS Lunar Black paint, gel pens, gouache, ink, etc.)

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The techniques in this online workshop have been covered in my Life Book 2017 main lesson for the greater part.
However, it is NOT the same online workshop, so for those who enjoy this technique and who want to do another project in this technique, you’ll be happy to take this one that is quite different from the Life Book lesson. Life Book 2017 students can find a discount code in the online course that they can use at checkout for this online workshop.