“I Wish, I Wish…” watercolor and mixed media workshop

Watercolor is THE perfect medium for working with Mixed Media. And its use goes way beyond base layers. In this workshop you will learn to layer with watercolor and combine this wonderful medium with collage techniques and other media.

+ BONUS!!!

This workshop has the added bonus lesson “From Wishes to Needs” which builds both on the story and on the mixed media skills in combination with watercolor.

Skills you will learn in this workshop:

– how to sketch an outline and create a believable kind of quirky
– how to frame a portrait to give it some extra oomph
– how to use contrast to emphasize your subject
– how to use color washes to create a light and intuitive background
– how to create skin tones using watercolor
– how to use both watercolor and graphite pencil to suggest 3D shape
– how to highlight
– how to collage in combination with watercolor
– how to work with layers and how to create balance after each layer
– how to ‘frame’ your personal story into an image with the help of mixed media

Here’s what some students say about another online course of mine, Mixed Media Character Faces:

“Mandy’s techniques for backgrounds and ‘finding’ faces are just SO much fun!! I really loved this class!!”
– Deb Weiers

” I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s Mixed Media Character Faces! It is such a fun way to create and something fun always develops as a surprise. Mandy makes herself available for feedback and it is always so helpful. I love when I teacher can pinpoint a way for you to improve and can make it so clear. Great class!”
– KJ Allison

“The online course Mixed Media Character Faces, was great fun to do. Mandy gave me some advice how to continue my painting when needed and that made it even more worthwhile.
A good online course for a good price.”
– Marion Berkhout

Art Supplies needed for this online workshop:

– watercolor paper – 18x26cm (7″x10) to 24x32cm (9.5″x12.5)
– graphite pencils H & HB
– ruler
– eraser and if you have it, an eraser pencil – I use Koh-I-Noor era
– watercolor set – preferably studio quality of 12 colors and up.
– watercolor brush – I use Size 5 Angelo Toray Holland 875, selected filament with a fine tip
– paper towel
– a jar/cup of water
– magazines for clippings/prints
– scissors
– glue
– India ink OR golden gouache, acrylics or watercolor

Other supplies are optional, such as: designated brush for India ink, fixative or hair spray, transparent watercolor ground IF you want to work with prints + flat acrylic brush, white pastel, 2D embellishments to bling the heads up 🙂


This workshop is self-paced. Immediately after purchase you can download the access document on Etsy which includes the passwords you need to access the course site and the course videos. If you really want life-long access, be sure to download the videos and store them on your hard drive!

The art-supply list and Step-by-step PDF are downloadable as well. The course contains a video explaining how to download these files and videos.

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