What better workshop to help you cool down in midsummer than Cool Watercolor Faces? (And for those on the Southern hemisphere…this is the perfect online workshop to get a summery buzz in midwinter 😉 )
In this workshop you will learn a watercolor technique with which you paint a face on the fly without drawing a single line and with a minimum of tools. With just one color, blue, you are going to learn to layer paint to create depth and dimension resulting in a face that might look anywhere from odd to realistic but that will have character nonetheless. As you go, you learn how to shape faces and create unique characters by chance and by skill with confidence, over and over again.

To show you the possibilities for using faces like these, this online class offers three videos using a Cool Watercolor Face in an Art Journal Page.

(Art Journal Summer School 2016 students, see below for more information!)

Supplies needed for this workshop:

The only supplies you ABSOLUTELY need for the faces are:
– blue watercolor of your choice
– a watercolor brush with a fine tip
– a bit of water in a jar/cup
– watercolor paper
– some kitchen towel

For journaling you can use anything you like in combination with the cool watercolor faces. Watercolor allows for great combinations of media. The supplies I use in the videos are:
– 24 set of Sennelier watercolor paint
– single sheet (200/g) of watercolor paper, Canson Montval
– clipping/internet image of element for journal page
– clipping/internet image of interesting garment of your choice
– blue calque paper
– HB pencil
– 4H pencil
– India ink
– white gel pen
– ruler
– gel medium matte or gloss
– (hand cut) stencils of pattern of your choice
– pan pastel in a darker color
– glue
– white gouache
– water-proof black ink pen


• 1 in depth real-time technique video. It’s a quick technique, so this video is just over 15 min.
• 3 time-lapse videos of the making of 3 Art Journal Pages with detailed information about the techniques and supplies used.
– video 1: Watercolor and ink
– video 2: Watercolor and mixed media
– video 3: Watercolor, gouache and pen
• A detailed and richly illustrated step-by-step pdf file to print for working offline.
• All course material is downloadable.
• Access to a designated, closed facebook group for questions and feedback.

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“Mandy’s techniques for backgrounds and ‘finding’ faces are just SO much fun!! I really loved this class!!”
– Deb Weiers

” I have thoroughly enjoyed Mandy’s Mixed Media Character Faces! It is such a fun way to create and something fun always develops as a surprise. Mandy makes herself available for feedback and it is always so helpful. I love when I teacher can pinpoint a way for you to improve and can make it so clear. Great class!”
– KJ Allison

“The online course Mixed Media Character Faces, was great fun to do. Mandy gave me some advice how to continue my painting when needed and that made it even more worthwhile.
A good online course for a good price.”
– Marion Berkhout


This workshop is self-paced. Immediately after purchase you can download the access document on Etsy which includes the passwords you need to access the course site and the course videos. If you really want life-long access, be sure to download the videos and store them on your hard drive!
The art-supply list and Step-by-step PDF are downloadable as well. The course contains a video explaining how to download these files and videos.


Before you buy, you need to know that there can be NO refunds for this purchase. The nature of a digital, downloadable product is such that refunds do not apply.

Important: when buying this workshop, you purchase the right to download and use the course material for your own personal use. You do NOT buy copyright and therefore the course material cannot be copied, shared and broadcast or otherwise distributed without written permission by the owner, yours truly.

By purchase of this course, you automatically agree with these terms.


The main technique lesson was part of Art Journal Summer School 2016. The three Art Journaling videos + extensive comment are a new addition, as is the closed, designated facebook group!