A Kiss - watercolor

Big Color My Page Challenge news!!!

Hi everyone! It’s been a bit quiet on my blog, but I’ve been brooding and producing…I have a new online art class coming up (news and sign up at the end of this week!!!) and I’ve reconstructed the Color My Page Art Challenge a bit…

Color My Page Challenge revamp

Things are going to change in the Color My Page Art Challenge…for the better!!! The challenge is going to be a format that works better for me, and even more important… A LOT better for you!

No more waiting

From now on I will use a color combination of a certain brand and kind of paint in a demo video, explaining a little about the paint and the pigments that I’m using. After that, you can immediately grab the chance to do your own painting/journal page in these or similar colors and paints. And share your art in the group, of course!
This cuts out the waiting time we had so far. You can start working on the challenge immediately after you’ve seen the video. And also…if there is a giveaway…it will happen straigth away…no more waiting…win, win, win!!!

The Kiss #2 - watercolor

Why the change?

Well, as you must have noticed, nothing much appeared here lately. The reason for that is that the format didn’t work well for me. The bottle neck being the Golden High Flow challenge…It turned out I really didn’t like the paint. It wasn’t at all what I’d expected it to be. And on top of that, the color combo didn’t work for me…it gave me an artist’s block every time I sat down with them.
It got me thinking and then I realised that all this waiting could impossibly be inspiring for you guys…and it is YOU who I set up this group for!!! To inspire you…to get you into motion… So…high time to blow a fresh wind through this challenge!

I hope you’re in for the ride, so read on and you have a chance of winning the top Kiss if you join the challenge‚ô•!!!!

The Kiss #3 - watercolor

The New Color My Page Art Challenge + Giveaway

Here is how it works

I made a video for you, which you can find below this text. In it I demonstrate working with 3 colors of Daniel Smith watercolor: Indian Yellow, Quinacridone Coral and Cobalt Teal. This video is meant to inspire you do do a painting or journal page in these paints or in any paints you have that look a bit like these. In this case any yellow, red and blue watercolor paint would do. Once you’re done painting, you can post your painting in the designated closed facebook challenge group.


In the demo video I did a little painting that will be the prize in this giveaway! I will choose a winner randomly from anyone who is signed up for my Mandymail (so that I can get in touch with you through e-mail when you win) and posts their work in the group!!!

You can find the closed Color My Page Art Challenge Group here.

You can sign up to MandyMail here.