A few weeks ago I received a message from Caroline, offering to send me some Daniel Smith paint for reviewing and making a video. She had seven vials for me to fill up. I was over the moon! Testing paint from a dot sampler was a wonderful way of creating a gorgeous real color chart. But some of the paints were hard to pick up and I got so many people saying the paint looked more vibrant and deep from the tubes that it did get me curious to try…
Caroline's parcel, bringing me Daniel Smith paints

Caroline’s parcel with Daniel Smith watercolor paints

A week and a half ago Caroline’s lovely package arrived…she’d filled up seven vials with lots and lots of gorgeous paint and had even added a full tube and half a watercolor stick to try…and then I’m not even mentioning the wonderful waterproof drawing inks…couldn’t wait to try the paint in a Color-My-Page Art Journal Challenge?

Vote for the Art Journal Challenge

With these lovelies in hands I felt it’s time for another Color-My-Page challenge, don’t you? Below you will find the poll with the colors in Caroline’s collection. You can vote for 5 and the top three will be used in a live painting and review video on YouTube. (And yes, I know…the #2 Qor challenge video has yet to be made…I will do two one after another 🙂 The insetting slumber of fall grabbed me and drew me into a cocoon in the pauses between the fall-break-company and demands of my kids and hubs)

Daniel Smith watercolor mixing color chart

Below you will find a color-mixing chart that I made of the nine colors Caronline sent me. You can take the lovely mixing colors in mind for your vote!

Daniel Smith color chart by Mandy van Goeije

Vote for your favorite colors!

You can vote for the colors right below until 5 November. But make sure to visit the Color-My-Page facebook group to join the challenge!

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More Daniel Smith watercolor paint videos by my hand

A little while ago, I did four Daniel Smith videos after I’d received a Daniel Smith dot sampler color chart to review. You can find the Yellows and Reds here, the  Blues and Greens here, the Browns and earth tones here and the Blacks, whites and effect paints here.

Watercolor Workshops ahead!

This fall I will launch a lovely watercolor workshop. So keep an eye on my blog or sign up for my newsletter so you’re sure not to miss out on the opening sale! Or check out Life Book 2017 for which I’m doing a watercolor workshop!