A new Art Challenge!

Dear art challengers,

today Summer has begun. With recess just around the corner I thought I’d chuck in the July challenge early so that I can just squeeze in an August challenge for those who’d like to do all months. This time the challenge is an online lesson I once taught. It is an inspiration challenge rather than a technique challenge this time.

This means you can choose your own medium, your own canvas, your own technique, your own colors…your own everything. The only requirement to take part in the challenge, is to think of a journal story using the inspiration technique I demonstrate in the accompanying videos and make sure to write the story you got from your cubes with the photo of your work.

Introducing Story Cubes

Give the Story Cubes a try!

These are the Story dice that we’re going to use in this challenge. You can either look at them on screen or print this image and puzzle them into a storyline to give this a try.

If you like these and want more, you can find the Rory’s Story Cube site here. They also have an app for mobile devices these days!

From Story Cubes to journal page

In the next video you can see how I used a set of story cubes as a source of inspiration for my work. In it I show you how I go from ‘just a story’ to my own story and how it applies to my own life. And to finish it off there is a speedpaint of the journal page I made with these cubes as a basis.

Rules and Intention

What I show here is just my personal approach for that particular journal page. If you feel for a different approach, don’t hesitate to use that. This challenge is meant to inspire you. I don’t want to extinguish your fire with strict rules.

The two rules are:
1. Make a journal page on the basis of a personal story you associate with the given cubes on the image above
2. Post a photo of your work AND write down your story in the description so that we can see how you’ve approached the challenge.

Deadline and Prize

Especially for this challenge I will compose a set of painted antique collage paper. And who knows, If I get crazy, I might scribble on a page or two!

The deadline is the evening of 15 July (central European time). I will announce the winner in the Facebook group!

Enjoy the Challenge!