It’s time for a little bit of weekend inspiration and an update on what I’ve been working on.

The past week I’ve been practising my collage skills. Inspired by the work of Sara Fanelli, I finally got started on a collage journal, something I’d been planning to do for I don’t know how long.

Sara Fanelli‘s website can be found here, but I got my inspiration from Google images. Great work, right?

Andrea d’Aquino‘s website can be found here and here’s information about her inspiring book (including a lovely sneak preview video) Once Upon a Piece of Paper.

And then there is a little bunch of lovely collage inspiration for your weekend….

A really great idea for a weekend project…a super great collage project!

So….I hope that despite my fatigue you will enjoy yourselves with this week’s vlog and inspiration boost because right now I’m going to bed…catch up on some lost sleep…

Have a colorful weekend! Sleep well tonight…(I know I will!)