christmas card mandy van goeije

Hello from the cocoon, dear people…I’ve already retreated from the dark and cold outside into my warm nest, filling it up with lights and love, to celebrate the return of the sun…the longest night is already behind us on the Northern hemisphere…

How are you celebrating the holidays?

After this roller coaster year we nearly have behind us, we’re planning on some serious cocooning…that is to say, our cocoon includes long walks with the dog and of course family and friends. Not too much hassle, though, this year. We’re taking the time to do things slowly and enjoy our time together. My entire Christmas planning fitted on one side of a 5×5″piece of paper a quarter of which was still empty…no stress this year! And I must say…it’s fantastic! Soup’s cooking and some final laundry is tumbling in the drier, so I had time for a little blog post. Mainly, I want to wish everybody very happy holidays…whether you celebrate Christmas, or not…if anything, I wish you a lot of warmth and light in your life. Not just for Christmas, but for keeps…

Life Book Love

Speaking of light and warmth…it is double worth checking out Life Book 2017 this holiday season! Until 14 January you get 20% off at checkout if you fill in the code: FIREWORKS2017
I’m not just saying that because I’m a teacher next year, because leaving myself out of the equasion, I think that if you’re looking for a huge amount of input and a great diversity in techniques, Life Book 2017 really does have a lot to offer…and the 20% off makes it the best priced program in the field for what you’re getting by far.

lifebook discount

(com)mission accomplished!

2016 has been a mad year for me and my family. I remember so well that on New Year’s eve last year, I said out loud that 2016 would finally be a calm year. Well, as you know, it wasn’t. And still, it was a beautiful year that made us treasure what we have more deeply. It was the year in which I produced 5 online courses (of which two will run next year) and a lot of review videos and many journal pages and also the year in which I did this illustration for a health care organisation. It became their Christmas card to all their relations…

lifebook discount

Itching fingers

And now, after a year of hard work, it’s time to retreat, to be with the ones we love and if we can’t be with them, to reach out to them, call them, write them, be with them in mind, remember them.
It’s time to find light in the darkness and to nurture our light and keep it burning to help light the world.
And it’s time to stretch and massage our fingers and whisper sweet little somethings to them for they carry our voices onto paper to share our ideas with the world. Grant them a little rest or finally let them go rampant on our sheets of paper and canvases…my last Color-my-page Art challenge got lost in the end-of-year humdrum and my fingers are itching to dig it up and finally work with the lovely greens the challenge turned out for me.

Well, dear people…this will be all for now…I’m retreating back deep into my cocoon for the coming weeks. I wish you all very warm and light weeks and am looking forward to seeing you back again next year!

Love, Mandy