An update

Covid-19 isolation brought new flow and I’ve been practising and working on new paintings and sketches incessantly for weeks now. I keep forgetting to update my blog and website, so I figured it was high time to show you some of my latest work, if you haven’t already seen it on social media.

watercolor sketchbook by Mandy van Goeije, night vision
Night Vision, a watercolor sketchbook page

Social media comfort versus blog effort

I don’t really want to post that much and that quickly on social media. This is my online home and I feel this is where I should be posting most and first. But the reality is that it’s too easy to photograph and post on insta and facebook and not that easy to post here. It never used to be a problem before these social media platforms existed. But now that something easy is available,.. I was glad to read I’m not the only one, but I’ve promised myself I want to make an effort to turn things around. Do you recognize this?

Light from within combats demons
From Within, a painting in my watercolor sketchbook

Deep work

Flow comes in eagerness to work, in inspiration and very literally, in watercolor. I’ve been painting so much that the muscles in my fingers sometimes hurt at the end of the day. I do take breaks, but then new ideas come up, or old ideas pop back to life in front of my mind’s eye. And slowly, but surely, I’m beginning to see that themes are returning more and more often. The paintings above and below are two good examples.

watercolor painting The Light Within by Mandy van Goeije
The Light Within – watercolor painting on 100% cotton watercolor paper

As are the two paintings below…trees. Whenever I start painting without a plan, a tree comes out. Sometimes a clean and simple tree like the Blue Tree.

watercolor blue tree in sketchbook
Blue Tree in watercolor sketchbook

The Web of Life

And sometimes an intricate Tree World like the one below. Beyond new medical developments that will undoubtedly arise from this Covid-19 crisis, the virus is showing us that everything is interconnected. Every living thing is part of the Web of Life. Every living being is a system within systems. Mankind focuses on technical progress whereas we can save ourselves and the world by learning to see the greater system and learning to approach challenges systemically. If you’re interested in the science behind this – REAL science, not fake news or clickbait “science” the social media are bombarded with – The Systems View of Life by Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi might interest you. It’s an academic textbook, so it takes some hard work. But there are tons of YouTube videos that can help explain everything that is difficult for you. That’s how I worked through the book over a period of three months. Hard work. But vital if we want to make a change.

watercolor painting treeworld, web of life by Mandy van Goeije
Treeworld – watercolor painting on 100% cotton watercolor paper


So, the Covid-19 crisis hasn’t only brought bad things. I had very different things planned for this year. I was going to look for a job. But all of a sudden I find myself submersed in my art and more productive than I’ve been in years. I find it a little awkward to feel happy about this, though. Although I do. Feel happy about this. But when I see the ever rising global Covid-19 statistics and the racial hate and growing division on social media, my happiness feels decapitated. And then there’s one best thing left to do…back to the drawing table!!!

So…back to the drawing table I’m going. Straight away! I hope you’ve enjoyed my update and if you have, please feel free to leave a remark. With all that noise going on on social media at the moment I’m looking forward to a much quieter, yet lively interaction here in my online home. You are very welcome to join me and take a little moment of quiet…