Kickstarting the day

I am currently refurbishing my website and to be honest, it’s quite a boring job and I long to paint. But since both websites and painting are time-consuming activities, the painting will have to wait a bit. A few days I crept behind the computer early in the morning and soon ended up in search of matches or other sticks to keep my eyelids from falling shut. So I needed a little something to wake the whole of me up before I did some work that actually feels like work. And lo and behold, I chose collage.

Here’s two collage pages I did yesterday and this morning:

A New Life - Collage by Mandy van Goeije
“A New Life”

Collage Journal

These collages were done in the grey-black book I bound almost two years ago for the purpose of practising collage. It’s odd how sometimes books lie wanting and abandoned on a shelf for a long time. I mean, I did a few collages in it, but then I forgot about it somewhere along the line. Now that I’ve picked up this book again, doing these quick postcard-sized collages, it’s so much fun. It really helps wake up my system to do some more tedious work. Speaking of which, I have procrastinated enough by writing this blogpost, I think. I’d better head to the backend of my website, do some more brushing up and get the job done. 🙂

Handbound collage journals by Mandy van Goeije
Two collage practise book

Collage Inspiration

If you feel triggered to dive into collage as well, you can find some inspiration perhaps, in the work of: