At the moment I’m completely into waterproof ink because I’m drawing and writing a lot of Tanka. It’s something I like to do when I have a lot on my mind. Limiting myself to just a small number of lines, a small number of syllables, forces me to boil my thoughts down to the essence and that’s incredibly calming. And at the same time it’s a huge catalyst for creative thinking.

My illustrated Tanka are poetry in words and image. Sometimes they complement each other, sometimes they are a translation of the other, sometimes they change the other into something new. I love the intricate simplicity of the process.

But I do need really good waterproof inks to make them. Last week I had trouble with my go-to black drawing ink when all of a sudden it started to bleed when I colored my drawing with watercolor. And as it happened, an artist on facebook told me that her ink was really, really good and waterproof, so I ordered a huge bottle and tested it when it came in yesterday.

Here’s a video of my waterproof ink test for you. I thought you might like to see what I found out…

Included inks:
Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink (#030)
Talens drawing ink neutral tint (715)
Talens Indian Ink
Talens drawink ink black (700)
Diamine Onyx black fountain pen ink
Mont Blanc Permanent black
Micron Pigma fineliner 03

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