If you’ve been following me online, you may remember that sometimes the Universe really does deliver. A few weeks ago, two more wishes were spontaneously fulfilled. Sender? The Universe.

Have you ever felt as if the Universe was helping you?

This year I quit online teaching in order to focus on my own art and writing. It felt as a big step to let go of such a big portion of what I used to call ‘work’.

What I needed, was a thorough studio clear out for a good start and overview. I had so many drawings and paintings stored that I couldn’t even open and close the drawers anymore. And on close inspection, it turned out my chest of drawers was in a near-death state. As I wasn’t very energetic myself since some virus had clutched my system, I sat down across my drawers a little feverishly, trying to think of a way to get new ones without a budget to spend.

Within 15 minutes the phone rang. My father-in-law was clearing out the attic of his work place and he had a steel cabinet with drawers for paper. Did I want it? You bet I wanted it. And the next day, when my husband went to help get it down and move it over here, I got another great call. They also found a fine professional, tilting drawing table there, the exact right size for my studio. Did I want it?

DID I WANT IT?!?!?! After my happy dance for the steel cabinet I had realized I needed to reorganize my studio to fit the giant piece of furniture in. And with that I’d realized I could do with some extra work surface for my watercolors to dry. But again, no budget, no extra work top. And there it suddenly was and I was doing another happy dance!

You know, I don’t really believe there’s a bunch of gods in the clouds, or even just one, who’s got things planned for us. Most times you just have to work really hard to get it and be inventive. But don’t you feel that sometimes the coincidence is so striking that for a little while you would like to believe it could be true anyway? Getting these perfect pieces of furniture for my studio, for free, just when I wished them…it felt like a warm and encouraging hand backing me up and urging me on. It felt really, really good.

Mandy van Goeije Art studio, backside view
Drawing table and steel cabinet for my paper and drawings with backside view of my studio.

After some firm lifting and shoving, I reorganized my studio and I’ve begun to work. First I finished a painting I’d started a long time ago and then chose another one to finish. That one’s almost done. And I went to a lecture about local folk and fairy tales. It was amazing and super inspiring. I will tell you all about that in another blog post some time soon. But what I can say is that it has inspired me straight into my sketchbook that I can’t wait to show… But for now, just a little new-worktop view of my watercolor work on my new drawing table.

Watercolor painting by Mandy van Goeije in progress
The new work top is perfect for watercolor painting.