Having both the complete Rembrandt and Van Gogh watercolor collection, I could now do a comparison of sorts of the both. Here’s the video:

And here are the three hi-resolution color charts. Remember that digital reproduction inevitably leads to color changes. I’ve tried to scan and process the color charts for the best color rendering I could manage on my configuration, but due to browsers, screens and video cards, images can look very different on other screens. Keep that in mind when choosing colors and make sure to refer to the manufacturer brochures below for more accurate representations of the colors. Click the links below the video for the original files.

Van Gogh01
Van Gogh02
Rembrandt vs Van Gogh

This review was not affiliated. I just love both these brands and feel they are somewhat under-represented on YouTube and deserve better. Here you can find more information about them:

Rembrandt watercolor

Van Gogh Watercolor