Do I have something exciting for you! Or at least for me it was! A few weeks ago I received a set of ‘testeurs’, dot samplers, of the Belgian Watercolor and Oil paint brand Isaro. I had not heard of them until a few days before then and was very excited to try out, review and demo this paint…

It is SO rare for me to find a paint that surprises me still. I know I run the risk of sounding pompous here, but I know a lot of paints and I believe that I know some of the best. There are still good paints out there that I don’t know. But rarely do they end up straight in my list of favorites.

Isaro watercolor demo paintin by mandy van goeije

And oh boy…if I were restricted to using only this paint, I wouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it. It is truly wonderful paint. I could paint with it all day any day…

But I’m spilling way too many beans for you now. Go make yourself a good meal and a nice cuppa and sit down for my videos to discover what this paint is like. I sat down for them and it resulted in a gobsmacking 1,5-hour set of videos. I promise I won’t be offended if you watch them in ten-minute periods.

Unfortunately the Isaro webshop is offline for maintenance right now. Maybe a good thing for my piggy bank… There is still information to be found online about this wonderful paint, though:

If you are interested in the painting technique I demonstrate in the demo video, you will find an online watercolor workshop available here: “The Lady in Watercolor and Mixed Media”

The Isaro website can be found here. At the time of writing – 12 April 2018 – it is temporarily offline for maintenance, but do check it out! They are probably back online when you read this post. And on Jane’s site I read they have videos on their website of the manufacturing process, which is always spellbinding to watch. To get in touch, their facebook page and can be found here.

And when I was looking for more Isaro links I found that Jane Blundell also did a review about the paints. I wish I had seen this before doing my review…then I would have known the pigment numbers…but alas… At least you got an open-minded and spontaneous review of the paint. Jane seems to like these watercolors too… And I was right about a good many pigments, I see… I’m really on the verge of becoming a pigment snob. I have friends who are the best and who call themselves tea snobs. I fear they might be right about that. But I also fear I am becoming a pigment snob…or a watercolor paint snob at least.