Hello dear readers,

I’m back! I hopped on the back of Spring and flew back with it to the virtual lands to share new work with you,

For starters I made this video review of Nila Colori watercolor paint. I received this paint months ago, to try and review. And it’s been such remarkable paint that I needed a little time to experiment with it and to form an opinion of it. The paint grew on me, what can I say?

nila colori watercolor paint - set - wooden package - colors - reviewed by mandy van goeije

This super elegant set of paints came in last fall/winter. I felt immediately attracted to the package, which is super lovely and fits the theme of ‘natural pigments’ very well.

The set in the wooden box contains 8 colors, but I was sent the other 4 colors as well. I will glue those into this box to keep them all together.

nila colori watercolor paint - mixing chart - color chart - reviewed by mandy van goeije - weld yellow -

The colors of this paint are lovely, but differ from a ‘standard set’ of paints like we know the travel kits from better known brands. There is no really bright red or blue in the set, so the mixing chart of this set looks really, really different.

nila colori watercolor paint - mixing chart - wooden set - reviewed by mandy van goeije

The colors reminded me of Autumn, which is normally my favorite season of the year (except for this year when the dark season has way outstayed its welcome).

As you can see, the colors are very much alive. Most granulate or form some kind of bloom as a texture and that looks amazing. The granulation is different than in other colors, but lovely nonetheless. The colors are beautifully transparent and flow wonderfully, so they seem perfect to me for layering, just like Sennelier paints and M. Graham paints.

nila colori watercolor paint - single pans indigo, mayan green, carbon black, stil de grain - reviewed by mandy van goeije

Not just the wooden set was packaged beautiful, but the single pans came in lovely little paper ‘bags’ as well. And all carry this beautiful logo. All in all I love the way this brand packs its products. They’re all so well taken care of and are a pleasure to the eye and hands the moment you get them home.

This blog post is a very short version of my video review below that I made earlier today. In this video you will see a live swatching demo and a lot more information about the paint and the way it behaves on paper. Happy watching and see you back soon ♥

This charming set of Nila Colori watercolors can be found at: https://www.nilacolori.com/
Their facebookpage is right here: https://www.facebook.com/nilacolori/
And their Instagram can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/nilacolori/