The Snow Queen watercolor painting by Mandy van Goeije

The Winning Colors of the Challenge

You have voted in the Color my Page challenge poll and that resulted in the following three winning Mijello Mission Gold watercolor colors:
1. Peacock blue
2. Red Violet
3. Viridian

The Watercolor paint demo

I loved to be challenged by your choice of colors, especially because Viridian is not a color I use a lot or at all. It was fabulous to discover this color as you can see in my video below:

A New Challenge Awaits (You)!

I really enjoyed this Color my Page Challenge. I hope you enjoyed my video and now have itching fingers to get started with these colors yourself! I invite you to make your own art (journal pages) in these colors, upload them and post a link to it in the comment section below!

I will be issueing a new challenge really soon….watercolor brand name starting with…a Q!!! Make sure you’re here to vote!

If you like this intuitive way of painting, I’d like to notify you of the online painting workshop Mixed Media Character Faces by me. You can sign up any time and do it at your own pace.