Here’s a bit about me and my bullet journal…

stack of notebooks for bullet journaling; leuchtturm and cangini filippi

How does an artist mind stay organized?

I don’t know, to tell you the truth. I’ve been looking for THE way to organize my mind from the day I needed to.  But artistic minds are wired a bit differently, so the normal way of getting organized with diaries, planners, calendars and whatnots is often not really the way an artist gets it done. A workplace scattered with post-it notes and to-do lists gets closer to the organizational reality of an artist’s mind. But that is about as fault-proof as you can imagine…

So, after the “Oh boy, I lost my little post-it, wherethehelizzit?!” phase, I moved on to keeping a collection of notebooks to jot things down in. Until, as you can see in the video, I had gathered as much as 5 huge notebooks to “keep me organized”… Duh! As if!

my cangini filippi bullet journal


So then I finally sat down to look up a thing or two about Bullet Journaling. I had heard the word before, but I’m never crazy about hypes, so stayed away from it a bit. And irony had its stab at me, for when I finally did go check it out, it turned out that I had been bullet journaling all my life already! I just hadn’t called it that way. And, granted, I did find out I could bullet journal “a wee bit” more efficient than I’d be doing it so far. And thus I condensed my 5-fat-notebook system to only 1 Bullet Journal. And I love it!


In this video I show you all that I’ve done so far…

Interesting links

If bullet journaling got your attention, then here’s a few interesting links to follow:
This guy was smart enough to think of a clever name for this system and market it! (Why didn’t I think of that?!) His website has got some really great starters’ videos on his website.
This blog lady gave in to the craze a lot sooner than me and is truly passionate about her bullet journal. She’s got a ton of inspiring videos on her website that inspired me for some of the content that I have. If it’s your thing, she’s got a really great decorating style too…so with a little music on your head, I bet you can enjoy yourself loads while using her decorating tips!
Ah, THE notebook makers!!! I adore Cangini Filippi notebooks. I’ve used the Paros and the Color books for over a decade now and buy them more than a handful at a time. I use them to keep my written diary/smashbook, for designated topical notebooks and…since last week…for my Bullet Journal. Leuchtturm is going to have a REALLY hard time kicking this one out of my footlight. And to those who love Moleskines…in my experience, these books have better paper and are even a bit more affordable (in the Netherlands) while at a considerably larger size, so perhaps interesting to check out?
THE original Bullet Journal is made by these makers. And I found they have an impressive amount of dotted notebooks in their collection in the yummiest of colors!!!
The classic notebook that many writers are said to have used for writing their books. I love them, but they are on the expensive side. The paper isn’t as good as that in many notebooks and I found a great many pens to bleed right through… But…if you work with pencil and ballpoint mainly, this is a really great book…with a history…

Wonderland Stationary make really great printables, amongst which the blog planner that I purchased there. I don’t use it as it came, but I cut parts from it that I now use in my bullet journal. Really handy!
The Dutch store where I’ve been buying my Cangini Filippi books for a long time now. They offer great service! And when I ordered two books from the color range, they e-mailed me a photograph so that I could choose! Isn’t that awesome? Things like that make me a loyal customer, glad to recommend their services!