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Finally!!! I am super-excited to share some amazing news:

Do you want to make art and help the earth at the same time?

Art for Earth Tamara Laporte Willowing Mandy van Goeije Treesisters

If so, I have some wonderful news! As you know I’ve been working on a book the past year. It’s not finished yet, by far, but I’ve got a wonderful project to present that lies very close to one of its major themes. As you know I’m crazy about nature and very concerned with the current climate change and environmental issues that we face now. Well, turns out my friend Tam from Willowing Arts has worried about climate change for a while now too, and she wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the ‘fight against climate change’.

This is how the Art for Earth Project was born!

Tam collected over 45 amazing mixed media artists who have all contributed one or more art resources (like an art course, e-book, printable PDF or other item) to the Art for Earth Package! It contains over 75+ amazing art resourcesincluding some brand spanking new courses!

“I wish, I wish…” Watercolor & Mixed Media workshop + BONUS “From wishes to needs”

"I wish, I wish..." online watercolor and mixed media course by Mandy van Goeije

In fact, I created a whole brand spanking new course for this package deal: “I wish, I wish…” Watercolor & Mixed Media workshop. And I added a bonus lesson to it: “From Wishes to Needs”. Both lessons build up on a personal story that very much touches upon the nature and sustainability themes. “I wish, I wish…” is the base class in which you enter the first level of your story and do the basic mixed media project using watercolor. “From wishes to needs” takes you deeper into your story and the relationship between your story and the world around you. And at the same time it dives a little deeper into the combination of watercolor and mixed media.

“The Little Big World” Exclusive Pre-launch!!!

The Little Big World promophoto
Quite a bit of “my story” found its way into this e-book…it’s part of the project that is launched next week.

But I wanted to do something more with the theme. Climate change and environmental problems can be pretty heavy topics and I’ve noticed that for that reason some people turn away from it. So I decided to write an interactive e-book that can make both topics lighter by approaching them in a close-to-home, creative, inspiring and hopefully contagious way! So, in the Art for Earth Art bundle you will also get The Little Big World challenge e-book. It’s heavily based on the nature journal that I kept last year, but having progressed for a year, I included other super nice and inspiring mini-projects as well.

45 Artists joined hands for Art for Earth!

But Art for Earth is not just about my work. There are 44 more artists taking part in this wonderful art bundle. Scroll down or click here to see a complete list of all the products in this package!

The Art for Earth Package  has a value of over £2900+ GBP, but will be sold for only £75 GBP! It will be on sale for 7 days only and get this; 25% of all saleswill go to an amazing organization that helps improve our climate. They are called Tree Sisters and they are a group of women spread out all over the world with a mission to plant trees and a focus on tropical reforestation.

They say:

“Vision & Mission of Tree Sisters:

TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation.We are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care.

We channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organisations in the tropics with whom we partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behaviour change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalise collective ownership of planetary restoration.”

The Art for Earth package contains some fabulous art resources by some of the most popular mixed media teachers in our community (scroll all the way down to download the PDF file with info)! I hope you’ll buy this wonderful package of awesome art goodies and help the earth while making art!

Make Art for Earth!

Thank you so much!


PS. This is the list of all the products that are included in the Art for Earth Package!
So much goodness!